Steps forward!! :)


Today I ran 13km with an average of 4:20/km. Definitely nothing special because 7 months ago my runs were normally much faster and longer- but the run today definitely was a milestone for me! 

Since April 2016 I constantly had pain in my back, pelvis and hamstrings and I only managed to run painfree about 6 weeks ago. And this feeling is just amazing!

When I startet running in November again I was super motivated and sure that my pelvis instability will be fine and I can leave all the injurys behind me. But every second run was just painful and running at a faster pace was impossible. So my crosstraining and treatment marathon continued. 9 weeks ago I was sick and tired of crosstraining and of all the treatments that didn´t improve the pain at all, so I decided to visit one of my best friends in New Zealand, something I wanted to do for a long time. After some awesome days in Auckland with Tanja I flew to the south island to do some hiking for 2 weeks as this is supposed to be a training that helps stabilising the pelvis. I definitely can say that this is true because after 5-10 hours of hiking my glutes have been crazy sore :D !!

After all the hiking I realised how much I miss the feeling of running!! So I decided to slowly restart running again, cautiously and with no pressure. Running at the awesome trails in New Zealand was just so much fun, I could feel my hamstrings or back a little bit I didn´t associated the feeling with pain any more.

Back in Auckland I managed to run 10k for the first time and I was just thankful and happy that the time in New Zealand helped me to get my mind of being the injured athlete and make the transition back to running again!

The most important thing at the moment is to listen to my body and to find out how much mileage and faster running my pelvis can take but I am fine with that and just thankful to be back to running painfree again.

In April I will go on a high altitude trainingscamp in Albuquerque which will hopefully help me regain my fitness faster.

When I get back to Austria in May I will run my long run for a good cause at the wings for life worldrun, something I am really looking forward to! My first test of fitnes will be the Austrian Womens run and I am looking forward to a long crosscountry season in winter- something I was missing out at the last 3 years due to injury.